Ben Lewenauer

I started Crossfit in September of 2011, and it has changed my life irrevocably. Throughout my adolescence my life revolved around skateboarding. As I got older and my injuries from skateboarding began to outweigh the benefit, I took up running to stay in shape. I thought that I was fit because I could run a marathon, but my first session at Crossfit immediately proved me wrong. I was amazed that a 5-minute Crossfit workout could evoke the same amount of exhaustion as a 3 hour run! 

The community at Crossfit Milwaukee is amazing, and in large part why I’ve continued to train here. Everyone is proactive about their fitness and devoted to self-improvement. I am honored to be on the training staff, and having the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals. I believe that everyone has a greater physical and mental potential than they realize, and I hope to help them find it.
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Red Schafer MMA
Favorite WOD – Fran
Favorite Lift – Power Clean!

Ben can be contacted at
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