Michael C.Milwaukee, WI
"In one and a half years my relationship with CrossFit and understanding of my physical capabilities have all undergone an overwhelming transformation.

My physical history is not the focus of this testimonial, but is somewhat relevant. I was that fat kid. The one who's metabolism slowed down right around college when the beer drinking was at it's peak. I was 315 pounds when I graduated in 2004. Fast forward a few years and with a relatively proper diet and 2+ hours of cardio a day I got myself down to 180 pounds. I was the thinnest and "fittest" I had ever been, but I still didn't feel healthy. A good friend introduced CrossFit to me unintentionally through photos on Facebook. I watched his body, attitude, health and outlook on life transform in just one year of the program.

Immediately I found Ryan and his team at CrossFit Milwaukee, and with much trepidation I purchased my On-Ramp package in January of 2011. I have never looked back. CrossFit as a fitness program just works & I personally don't believe that you can argue against it. Not only does one have to be dedicated to the program, but it is essential to have a team of trainers who understand your individual needs, and dedicate themselves to success. I have been to a total of seven different CrossFit locations in the last year as I have traveled and not a single one of them can even compare to the caliber of Ryan's program and staff.

There's a brilliance to Ryan's programming that many locations don't implement or even comprehend. It can't just be about the daily WOD. Strength training, endurance, mobility and so many other factors are at the core of a well rounded fitness program. CrossFit Milwaukee incorporates these into your visit every day, though specialized pre-WOD and post-WOD movements and stretching. Many specialized classes are offered weekly, and without hesitation any of the staff members are willing to spend the time with you on individual issues. It's a combination of knowledge, passion, and commitment from everyone that causes so much improvement and success to walk though those doors every day.

The most important experience I have taken away from my time at CrossFit Milwaukee is the fact that the typical "client and trainer" relationship never really exists in the gym. Each trainer truly cares, and gets to know each member personally. These are not my trainers, they are my friends, my peers and my mentors. They are the people that I have come to appreciate and respect and motivate me to become the best I can be. I have forged friendships in those doors that are unbreakable, because in the end each person I have met though CrossFit Milwaukee has ultimately helped me to become happiest and healthiest I have ever been.

Thank you to Ryan, Alex, Murph, Doreen, all the other trainers and the many amazing friends I have made over the last 18 months, you have all changed me forever."

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