Paul OMilwaukee, WI
I started CrossFit in November. In the first class I realized not only was I not up to scratch in a cardiovascular sense, but my muscular strength was also not where it should be. After just one or two weeks I began to see results and was beginning to complete the sessions at the prescribed level. At the end of November I had not been running for over a month since the end of the football season. To my amazement, when running in California over the Thanksgiving weekend I found that I had cut over 5 minutes off my 4.5 mile run. Simply by working out at CrossFit, without hitting the pavement once, and in less than 1 month. I was a believer. Since then I have continued to make rapid strength and fitness gains. I now attend classes 4 times per week, complete sessions doing all unassisted pull ups and dips, and compete for times and scores with my fellow CrossFit'ers . All feats that would have been impossible just two months ago. The environment is fantastic. It's essentially personal training for the cost of a group class and its free on Tuesdays for the Bombers. Get down there for your pre-season. There is a lot to gain in just two or three months of CrossFit!

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