Lisa B, 46Milwaukee, WI
“If a 46 year old mom of five can do it, so can you”

I’m a mom of five; five c-sections in 8 1/2 years and told I would never be able to do a sit up again…This is what I told Ryan when I first started CrossFit, after he informed us we were to do “umpteen” sit-ups. He looked at me and smiled, threw down an ab mat, told me to do a few (not “try”) and then walked away. I thought, “I’m paying the man. He must know what he’s doing.” I did maybe 3 sit-ups. Six months later I was doing 150 sit-ups in 6 minutes…I started pull ups with a band, and again, six months later I was doing them unassisted…Rope climb? What mom would willingly climb a rope? I’m up and down that thing like a monkey. I could go on and on…
Bottom line is I am in better shape now at 46 than I have ever been in my life and I’ve been working out for 28 years. And it only took 6 months at CrossFit.

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