There are many routes potential members can pursue in order to familiarize themselves with CrossFit. The level of involvement is entirely up to the individual involved.  


The CrossFit On-Ramp program is designed to give people new to CrossFit the knowledge and tools to successfully participate in our regularly scheduled classes. Through a series of 8-12 classes designed for people new to CrossFit, participants will be given important information regarding CrossFit concepts, execution of our most fundamental movements, coverage of dietary guidelines and exposure to some short workouts designed to set benchmarks from which to measure future improvement. After completing the On-Ramp program, participants will then be eligible to participate in CrossFit Milwaukee's regularly scheduled group classes.

New cycles of OnRamp begin at the start of each month. We meet 3x/week using the following schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30AM, 10AM or 5:30PM
Sundays at 11AM

A minimum of 8 classes (ideally 12) for the month of OnRamp is required before participants are allowed to start attending our broader schedule of regular classes.

Unless a potential client is already well-versed in barbell movements (including the Olympic lifts), basic level gymnastics and interval training, the On-Ramp curriculum will be a prerequisite for future group class participation.

Please email to enroll.

$150 for a month of OnRamp


Operation Sheepdog is our way of saying 'thanks' to the men and women who put their lives on the line in service to our country and localities. It involves offering the members of military and police organizations a substantial discount for starting their training with us. Eligible personnel will get the twelve class OnRamp program AND a month's worth of unlimited group class training all for $150 (the normal value is $300).

Advanced sign up is required:


FastTrack is a good place to start if people are looking for more focused attention from a trainer. It also is a great choice for people who might have some experience with CrossFit and/or the movements used, but haven't had any firsthand coaching in them. Lastly, if someone has an erratic schedule that precludes participation in OnRamp, then FastTrack usually works best for them. It consists of 5 private sessions and a week's worth of unlimited group class participation. Ultimately, the goal is to obtain some familiarity with our movement pool, class structure and have a gradual acclimation to the intensity of the workouts. Once completion of FastTrack occurs, the client and trainer will meet to discuss the best course of action based on the client's goals and progress at that point.

$250/person for 5 private sessions and a week of group classes
$200/person for 5 sessions for a group of 2 (and a week of group classes)
$150/person for 5 sessions for a group of 3-5 (and a week of group classes)

Please email to enroll.
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