Charles D. says goodbye, for the moment09.13.2013

Hey Guys, we need to bid a fond farewell to Charles D. From an email earlier this month:

"Hello Ryan,
Sorry I didn't get to say bye to you prior to leaving last Saturday for Kuwait, but I thought I'd send a quick "thank you" email. 
In the 12 months I participated in Crossfit, I lost 14% body fat and 7 pounds. I'm very thankful to you and your trainers for taking the time to "try" and show me how to properly perform the movements. I've lifted weights for years and experienced nothing like the benefits I received from CrossFit. Additionally, I'd like to thank you and everyone else for the kindness you showed my son, Evan, when he came with me to work out. He absolutely loved being in the gym and hanging out while I suffered through the workouts.
Although I'm here for 12 months, my wife and son remain there until we move to my next assignment (trying for Hawaii).  I'll return in the spring for a 2 week mid-tour and plan to stop by for a few work-outs if that's okay with you? Hopefully, I'll not be out of shape too bad. Actually, there's an entire tent dedicated to Crossfit workouts so there's no reason I can't follow the WODs you have scheduled on the website.
Anyway, thank you again, good luck with everything and I hope the time goes fast!
Charles D"

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