CrossFit Milwaukee - CrossFit Endurance 201304.08.2013
CrossFit Milwaukee – CrossFit Endurance 2013

Are you looking to run your first 5k or marathon, or maybe set a new personal best? Then come look no further than CrossFit Endurance. CrossFit Endurance takes traditional running/endurance training and gives it the CrossFit twist. What does that mean? It means we focus on proper technique, maximum effort and quick and efficient workouts to make the most out of your busy schedule.

For most of our lives we’ve been told we need to put in a ridiculous amount of time and miles in order to prepare for a long race, say a marathon. I’m here to tell you that is completely wrong. If you’re already working out/CrossFitting a couple times a week you are already ahead of most endurance athletes. Tweak the training emphasis a little bit more towards conditioning and you have an endurance program that will not only prepare you for running/biking/swimming, you have a program that incorporates strength, mobility, and technique to help prevent those pesky injuries that affect virtually all endurance athletes at some point.

The Programming-

For Crossfit Endurance to be most effective you should be working out 4+ days/week. Ideally you are doing 2-3 regular Crossfit workouts along with another 2-3 endurance specific workouts. To start off we will go over what is running, yes there is a proper way to run! We will take some videos of you running so we can identify if/where there might be some problems with your form. Then we will do a few benchmark workouts to get a baseline of each person to work with. Finally we will work what I consider one of the toughest parts about endurance sports, pacing.

Along the way we will do a variety of workouts so as avoid the monotony of running the same distance/ route each day. Our workout can range from tabata sprints, hill sprints, mile repeats, all the way up to a 10 mile all out run. Other than variety, varying our workouts will make us stronger over a broad range of distances and speeds. If you’re looking at triathlon training we may also be able to snag some pool time through Trainer Josh G.

Other aspects we can cover as they arise – Tapering for a race, What is a taper, race day fuel and prep, footwear.


My first goal for Crossfit Endurance is to educate, motivate, and hopefully provide you with some fun along the way as you strive to reach your own goal. The best part about this program is that it can be scaled to any and all levels of fitness. Haven’t run a race before? No problem, we’ll take it slow and make sure you have all the basics down before we set send you on a 10 mile run. Are you a race/ marathon enthusiast? I can show you ways to make your training more efficient, cut down on the miles and wear and tear on the body.

My second goal would be to actually put our training to use and see what we can do. Classes will start mid-late April (Or whenever spring decides to show up). That should give us plenty of time to get ready for maybe a 5-10k in June and see what kind of progress we’ve made. Then our season would culminate with a big, bad-ass race for any and everyone who’s willing. I think it would be a great experience and team-building activity to do the Ragnar Race Aug 16-17. Basically it’s a 2ish day relay for up to 12 people running 200 miles along the scenic Mississippi River.

If you’re thinking hey I want to try a marathon and but I never thought I’d be able to we can make it happen. I used this training for my first marathon last fall with fantastic results. I can help you get ready, give individual coaching, and maybe even run along with you to give you that extra little motivation to get through the tough parts.

Where do we start –

If you or someone you know is interested please email me or Everyone’s welcome, not just Crossfit Milwaukee gym members. Once we get everything figured out we will have a quick little kick-off meeting/workout.

Crossfit Milwaukee Member Price- $50 for the season
Non-Crossfit Milwaukee Members - $150 for the summer.

Please include the following –
  • Your running/endurance background
  • Goals (Just get in shape, finish a race, or hit a specific time) what you are looking to get out of the class
  • Ideal class times/days ( I do have full-time job so times will be limited to early a.m., evenings, and/or weekends)
  • Contact infoDo you know anyone outside the Crossfit Milwaukee family that would be interested? 
  • Biggest weaknesses, past or present injuries, concerns
  • Any other questions you might have

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