September 2013 Group WOD Schedule09.01.2013
Hey Gang,

You're going to notice some changes in this month's schedule. First off, the variable, flexible nature of the Bucket List has been changed. You'll notice assigned strength work, usually before the metcon (pre-metcon, or DWOD - 'Dynamic Workout of the Day') and generally scheduled four days out of the week. It is my hope that having the entire class work on the same lifts will help with results my maximizing the community aspect of the group class structure. I'm also hoping this will encourage people to get to the gym at the VERY least 3x/week to boost results. Lastly, this format gives a slightly more public view of the type of (CrossFit Football-influenced) training that goes on at our gym for general conditioning that previous WOD postings may not have completely portrayed.

Under normal circumstances, I'd encourage clients to make Monday, Tuesday, take Wednesday off, come Thursday and Friday, with Saturday being an optional day determined by one's recovery at that point. Knowing that schedules vary, however, I did program some workouts for Wednesday. My suggestion to those of you that come regularly to the Wednesday class is to still get the strength work in! If, for example, you miss Tuesday's classes, talk to the trainer about getting the lifts in from that day when you come to class on Wednesday. This is just one example. If you are coming to the gym only on Wednesday and Saturday and purposefully avoiding all heavy barbell work, you will not get the results you're looking for and you are a turd.

Also, bear in mind that the set/rep schemes are based off of the CFFB beginner program. Veterans, and those who have done resets with all the major lifts, talk to the trainers about alternatives, if you're not pursuing them already. Good hunting, er, I mean training!


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