CrossFit Level 1 Certification Prep Classes Starting 06091306.02.2013
Hey Gang,

In case you haven't been paying attention to the word on the street (or, more appropriately, in the gym) we have about a half dozen of our members who are going to be attending a CrossFit Level One Certification by the end of the year. We want to work hard to ensure that they not only pass the certification process but that they get the most out of the weekend and that when they do become coaches they'll stand out positively when compared to the hobbyists/opportunists out there. It's not enough to be a good coach to simply be able to perform the movements. One needs to be able to know all of the nuances and safe progressions of said movements as well, not to mention the underlying concepts of programming, functionality, etc.

To this end, we'll be holding regular workshops every Sunday at 11AM to review blocks of the material featured at the Level 1 Certification. The sessions will be scheduled for an hour but may run longer if participant questions/interest warrant. 

Since our affiliate started in 2005, over 50 of our members have gone on to obtain their Level 1 Certifications. Of those, several have went on to start their own fitness businesses. We look forward to helping empowering others interested to getting an important leg up in the ability to guide others down the path of fitness and fulfillment.

The class is free to all CrossFit Milwaukee members.

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