Workshop - developing midline stabilization, maximizing torque - applying principles from Supple Leopard06.01.2013
Hey Gang,Apparently not everyone got the memo. I apologize if this is short notice but I've been reading my copy of KStar's Becoming a Supple Leopard. It his helping me greatly in reorganize how I teach certain positioning in our basic movements as well as reminded me of details I've forgotten since taking his Mobility Certification. I find that the best way to retain this new organization/information is to TEACH it to the best of my ability. So.....if you're available to tomorrow at 11AM, we'll be doing a workshop at the gym where I will attempt all the goodness of KStar himself. We will be focusing our efforts on establishing a sound midline and strategies for optimizing torque in our shoulders and hips for some of our most basic movements - push-ups, air squats, pull-ups, overhead, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to convey some principles that can be applied universally to all of our movement patterns in CrossFit whilst simultaneously developing awareness of common faults. There won't be a workout per se, but we will be doing some drills in addition to the presentation. I hope to see you all there! FREE for CF Milwaukee members. Non-member price is $20

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