May 2013 Proven Athlete - Dan A.05.25.2013

1. When did you start training at CrossFit Milwaukee? I started at CFM?

October 2012.

2. How did you find out about our gym and what motivated you to try our style of training?

When I first moved here the first thing I did even before I had a place to live was find a gym. I tried out several gyms in the area and end up signing up with LA Fitness. I wanted to find something else to keep me busy while I was here so I decided to try CrossFit. I Googled CrossFit Milwaukee and set up an appointment for a free workout. At first I was just coming a couple times out of the week and was getting my butt kicked. I got hooked and eventually canceled my LA Fitness membership.

3. What were some of the first changes you noticed when you started training? How did your workouts impact your life outside the gym?

The first month or so were pretty hard for me. I think I threw up on multiple occasions, but I got a free shirt so it was worth it. My
cloths started to fit tighter, and I have lost about 10 pounds.

You've recently obtained your first muscle-up. And over the course of the past few weeks your back squat form has improved dramatically. What other improvements have you seen in your workouts?

I think that over all my form is starting to improve. I honestly hated squatting until I started CrossFit. One of my major problems when I started was that I tried to muscle the weight up instead of using technique. One thing that I really like is that the trainers take time even when they are working out themselves to stop and correct something that you are doing wrong.

5. Not too long ago, you took an Army physical fitness test. How did you do? How do your results now compare to your pre-CrossFit days?

Overall I improved on the APFT. I been dealing with an injury that limits me on running. Once I get that fixed I will make big gains in the WODs and the APFT.

6.Besides CrossFit do you play or have you played other sports?

I don’t have time to play sports anymore, but when I can I like to play basketball.

7. What are three training goals you want to accomplish in the next year?

I want to improve on my technique and get stronger. Once I get better at CrossFit I plan on getting certified. I want to be able to compete with some of the top athletes at CFM.

8. As a member of the military, what aspects of CrossFit do you feel have to most important/direct impact on the health/livelihood/job performance of a soldier?

CrossFit reminds me of being in basic training and having a drill instructor yelling at you pushing you to the limit.
I think that’s why I got so addicted to crossfit. One of my pet peeves is a soldier especially a leader that is overweight and out of
shape. I did a 6.5 mile ruck march a couple months ago and beat all the competitors. I credit CrossFit for getting me in shape.

9. It looks like you and Melissa T. have recently started going head-to-head in some of the WODs. Are you guys having a private competition? If so, is there any reward for the winner/punishment for the loser?

Melissa and I have a friendly competition going. I let her win every now and then for morale. I am just kidding she is a beast!!! I think we said that the loser will buy lunch, but we do it more to push each other. It’s all about getting better win or lose.

10. Anything else that you want to add?

CrossFit Milwaukee has done a lot for me more than I can express. It was hard for me to move to a new city and not know anyone. I consider CFM like a second home heck I think I spend more time there than my apartment. The members and trainers are absolutely GREAT!! I can’t begin to express how thankful I am!!!

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